Rehabilitation Services

We understand that sometimes your horse may need a safe place to rehab from an injury, have a foal, or you may want an oversize stall for your horse.  We are happy to offer an extra large 12x24 foot stall that is enclosed.  We have a rehabilitation package or you can choose from our Ala Carte services.  Whether you board with us are not, anyone can rent the rehabilitation stall for the period of time that is needed to recover.


Recovery Package

Basic Rehabilitation Package:               $600 per month plus board


In addition to Horse’s board, Stable’s basic recovery package includes the following services:

  •  Hold Horse for vet/farrier – as often as neded

  •  Grooming for Horse – twice weekly             

  •  Hand walk Horse for 10 minutes – Once daily                                 

  •   Wrapping/bandaging of Horse – as often as needed

  •   Medication administration as needed

  •   Vet/chiropractic instructed stretches

  •   Cold/heat therapy as needed

  •   Bath one time per month

  •    Progress report for Horse emailed to Owner –

          Once weekly 


“Ala Carte” Services


 Owner can purchase Stable’s recovery and other services on an “ala Carte”                           basis.   Services and fees are as follows:


  •  Hold Horse for vet/farrier - $10 per holding session

  •  Grooming Horse - $15 per session

  •  Hand Walking Horse - $10 per 10 minute session

  •   Wrapping Horse’s legs - $5 per session

  •    Bandaging/dressing change - $10 per change

            NOTE – This charge does not include the cost of bandages and dressing –

  •   Cold/Heat Therapy - $10 per session

  •   Medication administration - $3 per administration

  •    Lunging Horse - $15 per 10 minute session

  •    Bathing Horse - $25 per bath